Barcelona metro travel time map

In the intial map, the positions of the stations represent their geographic location.

Click on a station to see the city from that perspective. The map will calculate the shortest route to all stations from there. The longer it takes to get to a station, the further away it is on this map. Heading from the selected station is preserved. Each circle represents 5 minutes of travelling.


Based on Tom Carden's classic London travel time tube map. I used the d3 version as a starting point. My changes include date for Barcelona and small improvements to the interface.


TMB is the agency in charge of the metro network in Barcelona. It currently doesn't offer any API or timetable. I got the locations of the stations and the lines from Wikipedia. I calculated the travel time between each station using the Google Maps Directions API.


The map gives a good enough general idea about travel times, but it's not entirely exact because of 2 reasons:


I also did a poster version that show the Barcelona metro network from the point of view of the Bogatell station in Poblenou.

Labels were positioned using d3's force layout and cleaned up in Illustrator.


Bert Balcaen